This book is a self-directed project inspired by a cross-country road trip I took with my dad. We bought a car (a 2003 Audi TT) in San Francisco, flew there, and drove back to Philadelphia over the course of three weeks. The trip was incredible, and I got to experiences so much of the country I never thought I would get the chance to see. We drove down the beautiful costal highway, stopping along the way to get out and see the unbelievable views. We stayed over night in Morro Bay and Ventura, California before shooting across to Needles, a stop along the way to Arizona. From there, we saw the amazing Grand Canyon and Four Corners, taking in the desert, sunshine, and heat as we drove, top down. In New Mexico, I was able to actually experience and explore some of the sights I wrote about and illustrated for Enchanted Skies; such as Chaco Canyon, Santa Fe, and Carson National Park. We then drove up to Colorado Springs, in awe of the mountains the rose up from the previous desert landscape. Windmills and cornfields dotted the flatness of Kansas, illustrating why it is called a flyover state. Next, we hit Kansas City (Kansas & Missouri) and then Springfield Illinois. After that, we got to experience the booming city of Chicago where we took an architectural tour and went up into the Willis Tower, admiring the entire city from cloud level. Then, we made it on to Toledo, Ohio and Pittsburg, before returning to Philadelphia. I wanted to commemorate this grand excursion by illustrating some of the key points of the trip in a little 20 page book. The style is loose and hand done, like that of the Orvieto travel guide