8 booklets, box, poster, website, event tickets

Areas of Design:
illustration, copy writing, packaging

Art Direction:
Dusty Summers  

2017 How Design Merit Award Winner

Introducing the state of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico is known for its many wonders and vast breathtaking landscapes. This box set of books, postcards, posters, and tickets invite you to experience the Land of Enchantment from its Enchanted Skies. New Mexico is also known for hosting the world’s biggest hot air balloon festival every year in Albuquerque. I was inspired by this special event and created a new way one could tour the beautiful. I made the conscious decision to leave out the festival, and instead honor the whole state year-round by using the vehicle of hot air balloons themselves. The tour highlights eight key locations within the state; Santa Fe, Bandelier Monument, The Rio Grande, Chaco National Park, White Sands Desert, Carlsbad Caverns, Carson National Park, and Albuquerque. I explored many styles when executing this project and landed on a monoline style with a warm color pallet that brings out the colors of the landscapes and sky of New Mexico. The monoline style speaks back to the southwestern culture and design roots of Navaho and Native American patterns. The style also has a delicate vintage feel, bringing in the playfulness of hot air balloons. The logo incorporates the balloon itself as well as the Sun symbol on the flag native to New Mexico.