Unleash Your Mighty


Garfield Group

holiday cards, holiday card inserts, client gift boxes, inside and outside box labels, box insert card, landing page, gofundme page, social posts, emails, themed gifts

Areas of Design:
branding, illustration, copy writing, packaging, web design,

Art Direction:
Bryon Lomas, Garfield Group 

Every year, Garfield Group partners with a charity in hopes of advancing active/former relationships and gaining buzz to generate new leads and expose our brand/services to the greater Philadelphia region. With that in mind, we decided to partner with MightyWriters. MightyWriters helps kids in neighborhoods across Philadelphia unleash their mighty by becoming better writers. Every year, more than 3,000 students attend free MightyWriter programs to learn to think and write with clarity; express themselves; and open doors to a brighter future. To promote this idea and get the word out, the concept below revolves around the theme of unleashing your own mightiness and being a superhero. Through the creation of badges, a landing page, holiday cards, emails, social posts, and gift boxes with themed items, we inspired people to donate to a gofundme page, learn more about MightyWriters, and to reach out to them in other ways, raising awareness as they do.