the adventures of anny and emma

I grew up listening to my mom tell stories of a trip she took to London and France with her mom when she was 19. She would talk about the beautiful sights, bustling streets, delicious food, and the magic of it all, laughing and smiling at the old memories. It was this that inspired me to save up for a year and a half and surprise my mom with plane tickets to Ireland and England where we would embark on a 12 day journey. The trip started with a flight to Dublin where we stayed for a few days, exploring the city and all its treasures such as Saint Stephen's Green, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, and The Guinness Factory. We also ventured out of the city to the quaint seaport of Howth, where you can find enormous seals, plenty of seagulls, and on a good day, Puffins.

The second phase of our journey landed us in the heart of London. We found peace from the colorful and chaotic city streets in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, watching dogs test the patience of swans along the Serpentine. In the city we walked everywhere; we saw the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The London Eye, The London Bridge, the Tower of London, Harrods, and more, marveling at each. However, the most beautiful place was Ashford in the Water.

A train ride outside of London puts you in the most breathtaking, beautiful countryside you can imagine. With endless hills and fields to walk through next to cows and sheep and winding roads through the countryside, it was easy to get lost in it all and feel like a character out of a Jane Austin novel.

Next, after too short of a stay, we visited friends in Southend on the Sea, Essex where we experienced the seaside and dramatic receding tides.

We ended our trip with a flight back to Ireland and a last sunset in Clontarf, which parallels Dublin on the other side of the River Liffey along the Irish Sea.

Enamored by our adventure, I put together a book of the photographs I took along the way as well as an illustration of London.