Garfield Group,

brand expression, web design concept, presentation concept, templates

Areas of Design:
branding, layout, web design, print collateral design

Art Direction:
Bryon Lomas, Garfield Group 

Pinnacle 21 Enterprise is the clinical data standardization tool built to both support the greater purpose of clinical trials and do its part to improve the overall trial process. It’s a tool that benefits programmers, Sponsors, and CROs alike by validating trial data every step of the way, streamlining workflows, increasing efficiency, and eliminating the surprises that cause trials to derail. When delays equal days and days equal dollars, speed and consistency matter most.

There is great purpose behind clinical trials. To prove efficacy, to ensure safety, to get treatments into the hands of the patients that need them. The creation of the branding concept “Fueled By Purpose” adds energy and humanity to the world of clinical trials. It shows the connection and power that Pinnacle21 has in the industry.


Creative Brand Expression

PINN-0008 Brand Expression_070218-03.jpg
PINN-0008 Brand Expression_070218-05.jpg
PINN-0008 Brand Expression_070218-06.jpg

Homepage Concept


Adlob Concept

PINN-0008 Brand Expression_070218-14.jpg

Presentation Concept

Letterhead & Business Card Concept


10x10 Booth Concepts