Garfield Group, Marlin

logo, brand expression, collateral templates, powerpoint, website, photoshoots, videos, animations, etc.

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Bryon Lomas, Garfield Group 

Marlin came to us looking for a rebrand which spoke to how they work with small businesses, highlighting their long-lasting relationships to make them more approachable and unique in the leasing industry. With the creation of a logo, execution of a new brand, on-site photoshoots, and more, the team and I gave Marlin the spark they needed to provide lending that works for small businesses everywhere. Below are some examples of how the new brand came to life.

“We know that as small business owners there’s never a dull moment or a day off. We know trucks break down, better locations pop up, equipment bites the dust, and incoming orders take off. We know sweat equity is a real thing. And that when opportunity knocks, it’s best to open the door.

At Marlin, the day-to-day financial realities of small business don’t scare us, they inspire us. After years of working shoulder to shoulder with small business, we’re able to see between and behind the numbers. And as a lending partner that offers flexible solutions that work hard for small business — including loans, credit lines and even some of the ones reserved for the bigger guys — we’ll make sure you quickly and easily get the cash you need to keep your business moving.

So when you get thrown the next curve ball or find yourself face to face with opportunity, you can turn to a name you know, a name you can trust, you can turn to Marlin.”


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