Henry Schein


Garfield Group,
Henry Schein

campaign logo, icons, and templates for: brochure, landing page, email, whitepaper, ebook, social ads, FAQ, case study

Areas of Design:
branding, layout, web design, print collateral design

Art Direction:
Bryon Lomas, Garfield Group 

Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions provides advanced technology to veterinary practices with a goal of streamlining offices with easy-to-use software. The software they provide helps save time, space, and money — leading to increased staff happiness, cost savings, and better patient care. Their target audience is: Veterinarians/Owners, Practice Managers, Receptionists, and Vet Techs.

Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions wanted to run a highly targeted thought leadership campaign targeting veterinary practices based on individual painpoints that their software addresses. The strategy was to become a thought leader in these individual areas of need to become a trusted advisor to practices, organically leading to the implementation of more Henry Schein software solutions. The task was to come up with creative concepts for this campaign and create useable templates for Henry Schein.

The approach taken shows the connection between people and animals, both at an ownership level as well as a veterinary level through photography, graphics, and iconography.


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