Great American Vape off


Garfield Group,
Vapor Chef

tradeshow booth, posters, flavor cards, magazine ad

Areas of Design:
illustration, event design, poster design

Art Direction:
Bryon Lomas, Garfield Group 

Vapor Chef is a US based vaping manufacturer. The owner/founder of Vapor Chef is an actual fine dining chef with 15 years of experience. His first hire, who runs the labs, is also a chef with 25 years of commercial kitchen experience. Vapor Chef is not just a cool name, these chefs are the real deal and bring their creations to life in the vaping industry.

Vapor Chef has been considered a premium brand with strong growth in the US market since 2013. Now, they are looking to expand their footprint to the UK. They've received approval to sell in the UK and are looking to make a big entrance to the UK at the Vape Expo with a killer booth and presence .

The concept, Great American Vape Off, is a play off of the Great British Baking Show as they take the UK market. The booth designed below mimics the look of a kitchen or bakery complete with art nouveau styled posters that illustrate and describe each flavor. These designs are also carried through postcards and an ad placed in the program booklet for the expo.