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branding, web design

Art Direction:
Bryon Lomas, Garfield Group 

Clinical documentation is a “must do” part of the healthcare. Physician-to-physician communication. Provider-patient interaction. EHRs. Coding. Billing. It’s everywhere and connected to everything. Most focus on simply keeping it moving quickly and efficiently, allowing the advantage of extracting value from it to go unrealized.

Aquity transforms the clinical documentation process from commodity to performance driver. Their teams leverage the expertise and the secure Fluency technology suite to deliver efficient, reliable, cost-effective documentation services, but then they do so much more – providing trackable KPI results and metric-driven insights that will make you better at the business of healthcare.

The overall goal of my design concept is to focus on the connection of the doctors, the patients, the hospitals, the administration, etc. Using Aquity strengthens this already strong bond between them all while improving the business. The image treatment is a visual metaphor of that connection, and the power of QA to drive decisions and profits. There is a confidence shown at the administrative level that with Aquity all physician-to-physician communication, provider-patient interaction, EHRs, coding, etc is kept moving quickly and efficiently. The photo manipulations are made even more striking with high contrast and an overtone of the Aquity brand blue, sticking to the brand pallet. The people in the images are also pictured with a sense of empowerment and improvement.


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